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Blog Posts in June, 2016

  • The Importance of Respite Care

    The special needs of an elder often require constant or near-constant supervision and care from one other person. If you are the dedicated caregiver to your elder, you know firsthand how many responsibilities you handle during a typical day. Needless to say, this can understandably exhaust you if you have not had a break or a few days to yourself in a while. When you are starting to feel tired, it ...
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  • Long-Term Care Options: Alzheimer's Treatment

    Every year, millions of elders, many of whom are right here in the United States, will be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Dedicated professionals in medicinal and psychological fields, such as neuroscientists, are pushing the boundaries of our technology to further advance our understanding of this degenerative illness. But even with their consistent and impressive efforts, no permanent cure ...
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  • The Benefits of Tai Chi for Seniors

    More than two millennia ago in China, Tai Chi was developed to focus the body and mind into one comfortable entity. Even now that medicine, surgery, and health science as a whole has advanced through technology and study, Tai Chi is still widely used to this day. Many people describe Tai Chi as “meditation in motion” as it involves gentle yet deliberate movements to heal the body and calm the ...
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  • The Benefits of Gentle Yoga

    When you think about yoga, you probably imagine a room of people sitting perfectly still with their legs crossed strangely. But the reality is that not all yoga is calm and meditative. Some yoga sessions are quite strenuous, stretching the body to the limit to strengthen it, and so demanding of the practitioners that they are guaranteed to break a sweat. If you do not think that your body is ...
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  • The Benefits of Meditation: Relax Your Body and Mind

    There is a common misconception that meditation is only for certain kinds of people, and that it can only help with certain types of problems. How many people do you know who have tried meditation but said it “didn’t work for them”? Probably a few. The truth is that meditation can provide a wide variety of mental, physical, and emotional benefits for anyone . It is all a matter of finding ...
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  • Dementia: Basic Information and Possible Treatments

    As your elderly loved ones get older, you may begin to notice that they have trouble getting their thoughts together during conversations, feeling comfortable during social situations, or even walk without slow, deliberate movements. While this might be a natural part of aging, it could be early warning signs of dementia, a chronic condition that affects millions of elders in America and around ...
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