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Meet Our Team

King Street Rehab

Dr. Albert Riddle

Medical Director

My job is to oversee the medical protocols for our short-term rehab and long-term nursing patients to ensure optimal quality of life outcomes. The most gratifying thing to me is to see the transformation in our patients. They come to us with compromised physical abilities and often fear over loss of independence. By the time they leave, they have renewed confidence in their abilities.

Colleen Martin

Rehab Director and Assistant Administrator

I love to come to work each day and see the difference we make in peoples' lives. Our work requires sympathy, empathy and above all else, honesty. If we are honest with our patients and their families about the prognosis for recovery, the correct expectations are set, and everyone wins.

Nancy Mueller

Nursing Director

I have been a member of the King Street team for over 25 years. I am proud to lead and be a part of the high quality standards of care we provide our patients each day. Our caring Nurses and Certified Nursing Assistants work with our residents to help them obtain their highest level of function and comfort.

Christina Burke

Director of Resident Services

I like to stop in and visit with each patient every day, just to say hi, have a cup of tea and to listen. I come from the UK and understandably think a lot of important things can be worked out over a cup of tea. I want everyone to be comfortable, happy and satisfied that their needs are being met.

Gustavo Monterroso

Building Coordinator

I am proud that my team and I can enhance the lives of others each day and make them feel safe, secure and at home. The first thing visitors comment about is our clean, open and light-filled building, and I know this helps patients heal.

Joe Chiavarelli

Director of Nutritional Services

It gives me great joy to come to work every day and educate residents on the use of food as a means to nourish and heal the body. I work closely with each resident to create personalized menus and show them that it is possible to make therapeutic meals enjoyable.


Pet Therapy Director

The favorite part of my day is visiting our patients and making them feel at home. Read an article about my work here!