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The Benefits of Gentle Yoga


When you think about yoga, you probably imagine a room of people sitting perfectly still with their legs crossed strangely. But the reality is that not all yoga is calm and meditative. Some yoga sessions are quite strenuous, stretching the body to the limit to strengthen it, and so demanding of the practitioners that they are guaranteed to break a sweat. If you do not think that your body is prepared for just any kind of yoga but you still want to explore the options of this therapeutic form of exercise, gentle yoga might be right for you.

Gentle yoga can be defined exactly as it sounds: a slower, more-relaxing, and less-demanding form of typical yoga. People move very gradually between different poses and at their own pace. You will not be pressured into keeping up with the instructor or teacher but instead encouraged to find a position that feels comfortable to you. After all, your body should be your most-trusted source on what is and is not good for it.

It is not simply an art of relaxation, however, gentle yoga can be directed and performed to strengthen, restore, and heal certain areas of the body. Be sure to tell your instructor where you are feeling pain, soreness, or stiffness, and they can suggest poses that benefit you in particular.

Gentle yoga has been known to provide stress-free relief from:

  • Movement limitation
  • Arthritis
  • Heart disease
  • Emotional mood swings

In recent years, it has become more popular for practice by pregnant women and those recovering from surgery. Our bodies do their best to heal and adapt to new stressors and conditions such as these situations, but it never hurts to help it along gently. This is, in effect, the underlying concept of gentle yoga: supporting your body do what it already does so it can do it better.

Here at King Street Rehab in Westchester County, New York, we recognize the many benefits of gentle yoga and have introduced it into our physical therapy treatment plans when appropriate. Why not contact us today to learn more about our services and how they can benefit you? We know you will be glad you did.

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