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  • With all my Heart, Thank You All

    Hello, You might remember me. Marcia Miller. I was a recovering surgical patient, wrestling with a bad hip infection, living among all of you, for many months, last year. I have not written till now because since I left your care, the healing road for me, has been difficult and challenging and continues even now. I have thought much of the journey we shared, when I first came to stay with you all, at King Street. Each and every one of you, through your personal styles of caring, taught me life lessons, in compassion empathy, and human loving kindness. You changed me forever, for the better, for the rest of my life. I am not sure that my words of Thank You to Each and Every One of You beautiful people, will ever be able to express enough or fully, my feelings of tender loving gratitude, for all you did on my behalf. I am alive today, because of your extraordinary ethic and dedication to giving of yourselves, completely, to your work, when the caring is most difficult to give. I came to you open, wounded, a shell of my former self, shaking for loss of body, at times, a loss of mind, loss of self, without capacity to take care of my simplest and most basic of needs. All I could do was lay in my bed on my back, and surrender. And Surrender to you all, I did, as you each went about your own unique ways of helping me with such tenderness. Your gentle hands that touched my aching body, and soothed it and cleansed it, and held it tight, till I could, in time, hold onto myself, Your smiling faces and your beautiful eyes, that looked deep into my soul told me that you would not leave me, that you would stay, your sweet voices like angels, that sang me to sleep so many nights, soothing my fears and enveloping me in gentle safety, and calm, like a mother for her chiId...and I felt safe. Each one of you did this, quietly, with constancy, giving more of yourselves, than you even knew, than you may ever know. But I know. I was the person you gifted with your kindnesses of care. By doing, you each breathed new life into me till I could breath for myself. Your strong arms held me up when I was weak. Your sweet encouraging words gave me hope You taught me with understanding and patience, to stand, to walk, to move again, on my own. I will not forget. Your extraordinary, never ending, and for me, then, magical ways you each were with me, each day, healed me, you were giving me back myself. You never left me. It was I who left all of you, a happier, healthier, me because of you. I had no words, then, to tell each of you what you have meant to me. All that you did, each of you alone, yet together, healed my heart, healed my soul and healed my spirit. Till I was in your care, I had never known people so selflessly dedicated to helping and healing another human being. I am humbled by each of you. Each one of you, are a precious gift to this world and for a time, we knew each other. It is as if you were taught by Mother Teresa herself. So to all of you and each of you, at King Street, in all your many ways you serve this most special place of stay, for the needy... I want to say, Thank You for my life you gave me back, through sharing your loving, caring, selves. You all are, truly “angels that walk among us” God Bless Each and Every One of You at King Street With all my Heart Thank You All

  • Your “home” should be used as the model that other facilities

    My mother was admitted to your facility as a short-term rehab patient in November 2014. The purpose of my letter is to acknowledge and praise the extraordinary people, and also the physical surroundings of your special “ home.” Your “home” should be used as the model that other facilities are compared to and strive to be. I live in California and just flew in for three days to visit my family. Yesterday, I left feeling extremely comfortable with the capable hands that are caring for my mother. My family, who lives close by and see our mother regularly, share the same appreciation that I have for the wonderful people that we have met so far, in such a clean, comfortable and beautiful setting. Specifically, I would like to acknowledge Joan Nimmo, Colleen Martin, Director of Rehab, and Nancy Cox, Nurse Manger. I apologize for not learning the names of the nurses and nursing assistants who are also treating my mother with kindness and professionalism. These individuals clearly shine as something special and beyond the ordinary found in the sub-acute rehab setting. Each one excels at what they do and provides a send of integrity, knowledge, and warmth so critical in the healthcare field. Even the receptionists that greet visitors at the front desk relay an instant feeling of being at home vs. in a facility. The praise and sincere appreciation is coming from someone who has spent the past 21+ years working in a variety of acute and post-acute care facilities as a Physical Therapist, and currently Care Coordinator involved in Medicare’s BPCI Program. I hope that you appropriately acknowledge and support the professional, capable, and truly caring people I mentioned above. These individuals are true assets to King Street Rehab.

  • I am very thankful

    I am very thankful we have found the way into your capable hands.

  • All of your staff reflects the special values that make King Street the best!

    All of your staff reflects the special values that make King Street the best! Tom has been in several SNF’s over the past few years for a variety of reasons. You should know that your facility and staff leaves others in the dust. I had meetings with just about everyone from nursing to discharge planning to OT and PT. All named couldn’t have been nicer and more helpful. Because of our other SNF experiences and my wife’s career (involved with SNF’s for over twenty years through various positions with Visiting Nurse and Hospice Programs) we are quite aware that giving good, consistent care is not easy. You have every reason to be very proud of your staff. My husband’s struggle to regain his strength was a different one but the concerns and consistency of care made it so much easier for him and me. With eternal gratitude.

  • Thank You Very Much for the Level of Attention

    First, let me say thank you very much for the level of attention and guidance that you and the team at King Street have provided to me and my cousin. It is greatly appreciated and I see it as an extraordinary gift!

  • I will remember the giving hands

    I will remember the giving hands that helped me to reach ambulatory recovery.

  • Respect, care and compassion

    I am grateful to the management and staff at King Street for their respect, care and compassion they showed my mother throughout the twenty-one months she spent there. Her physical circumstances necessitated a need to honor her desire for independence while responsibly addressing her safety and well-being. Such a balance was not easy to achieve but everyone attended to her with respect and courtesy. The facility is extremely well-maintained and provides wonderful access to the outdoors. With a comprehensive array of professional services (physical therapy, counseling, medicine, nutrition and leisure), I felt comfortable with the oversight at all times. All of my questions and concerns about her care were responded to promptly and thoughtfully. Thank you so much.

  • I always felt confident that Mom was in the best of hands

    The love, kindness and help that were shown daily for Mom as well as for our family were exceptional. I always felt confident that Mom was in the best of hands each day. With grateful appreciation for a job well done.

  • I would like to express my appreciation and satisfaction

    I would like to express my appreciation and satisfaction with the quality of the services that you furnished for my wife. The staff was attentive and helpful. Her physical therapist was effective and strengthened her and was able to elicit her cooperation so as to shorten the length of her stay as much as possible.

  • The physical therapists were skilled and productive. Each one of them responded to my 100 % concentration towards hastening my healing, they gave me their 100% of professional know-how promoting it.

  • I thank you and all the support of the staff!

    I want to let you know what a fine experience my husband has while staying at your facility. The place looks very lovely, clean, fresh, and airy. There are so many thoughtful touches for residents and visitors alike. I could recommend King Street enthusiastically to anyone in need of such services. I thank you and all the support of the staff for making his stay genuinely pleasant and productive.

  • We want to express our extreme gratitude

    The beautiful gardens, with their abundant flowers, hummingbirds and rabbits, gave my father daily enjoyment. We want to express our extreme gratitude to all of the wonderful people who touched our lives with providing great care for our mother during her stay. From the moment I saw your grounds upon my approach to your facility I knew I had picked the right place for my mother. The greeting we received at the front door by Barbara brought tears to my eyes. The care I received by your occupational therapists and physical therapist was wonderful. I am thankful and appreciate the meals that King Street Rehab provides; the quality of food here exceeds the meals I have eaten in some of the best restaurants in New York City. Weekly surf and turf luncheons were an unexpected treat.

  • I cannot single out anyone individual because they all did a superb job

    I cannot single out anyone individual because they all did a superb job. I never felt like my mother was just another patient. Your staff understood that Shirley was “my mother” and that she was special to me.

  • I would like to thank the entire King Street team for the excellent care

    I’ve been slow in saying how greatly I would like to thank the entire King Street team for the excellent care you took of my Mother. There are ways in which she is in better shape than before she fell ill in the first place.

  • Your facility is bright, inviting, immaculately clean and cheerful.

    Your facility is bright, inviting, immaculately clean and cheerful. The terraces and grounds are beautiful and gave us a place to relax and visit without feeling closed in. Thank you all again for what you do, and do so well. Attitude and atmosphere are very important in rehabilitation and long term care situations, and while there is always room for improvement in all of us, you are definitely on the right path. It is with heartfelt gratitude and joy that I thank you for all you have done for my dad, during his stay with you. You have given his life renewed self-respect and dignity as you lived your slogan that greets all at your reception desk. “Kindness is practiced here. “ We all feel very blessed and privileged to have had you in our lives and to have been able to share the beautiful and loving facilities King Street rehab has to offer.

  • I have seen many facilities but the cleanliness and professionalism of yours is beyond comparison

    Our parents’ time at King Street was filled with light, in spite of the challenges they faced, because of the patience, humor and good nature of all who helped take care of them. I have seen many facilities but the cleanliness and professionalism of yours is beyond comparison. Thank you for holding yourselves to a different standard.

  • Helpful, patient and cheerful

    From the moment we got there until the time we left every single person who helped Mom was helpful, patient and cheerful. From the nurses to the aides to the therapists and beyond, they encouraged my Mom in a most supportive way.

  • I will be forever grateful for your kindness during my recovery process.

    I have never met anyone as devoted, understanding, tolerant and patient as all of you are. I will be forever grateful for your kindness during my recovery process. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the excellent care and attention you provided me during my stay at King Street. You offer not only a place of recovery but also a place for optimal wellness.