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The Importance of Respite Care


The special needs of an elder often require constant or near-constant supervision and care from one other person. If you are the dedicated caregiver to your elder, you know firsthand how many responsibilities you handle during a typical day. Needless to say, this can understandably exhaust you if you have not had a break or a few days to yourself in a while.

When you are starting to feel tired, it is time to start considering respite care. Not meant to be a permanent replacement, respite care involves giving a regular, full-time caregiver a break or hiatus, so to speak, that can last one day, a week, or even a little longer. You can think of it as passing the baton to another person for a short duration while you catch your breath.

Respite Care Benefits You and Your Elder

As a caregiver, the benefits of respite care are probably obvious. Who doesn’t want to have a day to themselves to relax, visit friends, run errands, and so on? We all deserve a break, especially those who take care of our elderly loved ones.

But did you know that respite care is also a significant benefit for elders, too? Being able to see a new place and meet new people is often therapeutic to elders who may have been feeling as if they are stuck in a routine, even if it was a comfortable one. Respite care can also include physical therapy sessions and rehabilitation classes, allowing elders the opportunity to stretch, strengthen their bodies, and sharpen their minds. Having the opportunity to be involved in fresh experiences is something that cannot be priced.

If you are considering respite care but are still not sure if it will be right for you or your elder, please do not hesitate to contact King Street Rehab. Our specialists at our Westchester County rehab center would be happy to explain to you all you need to know about our respite care services and other long-term care programs. For parties curious about our facility, you can schedule your tour online.

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