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Blog Posts in July, 2016

  • Defining Subacute Care & Explaining Its Importance

    Some patients may require intensive and extensive care in a hospital to fully recover from a serious injury. Others may only require basic physical therapy courses and attention from a nursing facility to get back on their feet. For people who fall into the intermediate between severe and slight injuries, subacute care may be necessary. Patients who require subacute care are generally considered ...
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  • Bluebird Nesting Boxes at King Street Rehab

    The bluebird is a cavity nester, meaning that instead of making their own nests, they use the various nooks and crannies available to them. As a medium-sized bird, the bluebird has to compete with larger, more aggressive species for safe nesting space. One of the most effective measures that has been taken to protect the bluebird is the introduction of nest boxes. At King Street Rehab, we have ...
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  • What is Hemodialysis?

    If you have been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease or have suffered a severe injury to one of your kidneys, your doctor may have prescribed hemodialysis treatments. Without a full explanation, hemodialysis can sound quite intimidating. It is important to remember that this is a crucial and unique medical treatment, and that there are professionals who can help you through it. What Exactly is ...
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