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  • FAQ: Physical Therapy for Stroke Survivors

    Stroke survivors may be facing a long road to recovery after their attack. Physical therapy is a very common part of stroke rehabilitation therapy, because it focuses on helping survivors recover control of their bodies, increasing their coordination and strength, and ultimately restoring their motion and ability to function independently. Our rehabilitation team at King Street Rehab is here to ...
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  • 12 Things Stroke Survivors Wish Their Family Knew

    Stroke is an incredibly challenging process for not only the survivor, but for the entire family. Even the most committed families can have misunderstandings and make mistakes when it comes to their loved one’s recovery. Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor is a renowned neuroanatomist and brain researcher who shares her experience of her own stroke in her book My Stroke of Insight. In her book, Dr. Taylor ...
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  • Rehabilitation Therapy After a Stroke: What to Expect

    The time following a stroke can be a confusing, scary time. Your loved one is safe, but they will have a long way to go before they return to normal. Rehabilitation therapy is the next step, but what does that entail? Here’s what you can expect to happen during your loved one’s recovery. Improving Mobility Starts with the Brain The side effects of strokes varies widely, but many patients need to ...
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  • How Occupational Therapy Helps in Stroke Rehabilitation

    After a stroke, your loved one has a long journey to rehabilitation ahead of them. Along the way, they will be supported by a number of rehabilitation professionals, who are there to assist your loved one in regaining their functioning and independence again. Among these professional are occupational therapists, who help your loved one relearn to handle daily tasks. Here are some of the ways an ...
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  • The Importance of Quality Therapy After a Stroke

    At King Street Rehab in Westchester County, our luxurious facilities provide a holistic healing approach to patients for all manners of rehabilitative needs. A stroke may cause one or more of the following lingering complications: Partial paralysis (on one side of body) Pain or inability to swallow easily Slurred or distorted speech Amnesia or reduced critical thinking skills Mood swings or ...
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