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Long-Term Care Options: Alzheimer's Treatment


Every year, millions of elders, many of whom are right here in the United States, will be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Dedicated professionals in medicinal and psychological fields, such as neuroscientists, are pushing the boundaries of our technology to further advance our understanding of this degenerative illness. But even with their consistent and impressive efforts, no permanent cure is in sight.

If your elderly loved one has Alzheimer’s disease, you should not lose hope, however. Research has shown that long-term care, physical therapy sessions, and rehabilitative treatments can help reduce and control Alzheimer’s symptoms. Generally, aerobic activity that lasts about half an hour each day is best but individualized treatment plans should be made for each elder.

How Physical Care Can Help Alzheimer’s

Physical care and rehabilitation seems to provide Alzheimer’s patients benefits that are half-physical, half-holistic. Keeping the body active does seem to boost the mind’s cognitive abilities, helping a mind that is struggling with memory loss stay sharper for longer. Although the direct connection between physical activities and mental health has yet to be defined in scientific journals, it certainly exists and would be denied by very few.

Alzheimer’s disease is not only an illness of the mind, however. The immune system tends to break down and normal activities and functions, such as steady breathing and bladder control, are jeopardized as well. With deliberate, targeted therapy and rehabilitation, the physical aspects of Alzheimer’s can be combatted, perhaps even more effectively than the mental degeneration. If you are skeptical about the mental benefits of physical therapy, you should at least consider it for your elder’s muscular and organ health.

At King Street Rehab, you can find a peaceful, relaxing, and caring place to bring your elder for the focused yet gentle physical therapy they need to help stave off Alzheimer’s disease. Our Westchester County rehab center is famous throughout New York for providing a beautiful environment that helps people of all ages escape from their worries. Contact us today to learn more about our services, or to set up a tour of our facilities.

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