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Blog Posts in November, 2016

  • How Well Does Occupational Therapy Improve Manual Dexterity?

    Manual dexterity is defined as a person’s ability to make precise, small, or intricate movements with their hands and fingers. It is our body’s unique capability to grasp and manipulate objects with total control but also to do so without thinking about it. Most of us do not realize just how important manual dexterity is in our day-to-day lives until it is gone. As we age, manual dexterity will ...
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  • How Occupational Therapy Improves Motor Coordination

    Motor coordination is your natural ability to be able to control your body without actually thinking about what you are doing. People with amazing motor coordination can perform acrobatic stunts, whereas someone with poor motor coordination may have difficulty keeping balance, holding small or using small objects, or even just walking. There are two ways that motor coordination can diminish: ...
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