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Defining Subacute Care & Explaining Its Importance


Some patients may require intensive and extensive care in a hospital to fully recover from a serious injury. Others may only require basic physical therapy courses and attention from a nursing facility to get back on their feet. For people who fall into the intermediate between severe and slight injuries, subacute care may be necessary.

Patients who require subacute care are generally considered to be medically stable but still possess some physical fragility due to an injury or illness. Subacute care can provide directed and deliberate care and treatment to a target area without the high costs and stress of hospitalization but with more focus and intensity than the average patient in a nursing clinic would experience. Many people who require subacute care have actually been discharged from a hospital early, usually because of steep hospital fees that max out their insurance coverage, and need more time to relearn how to control a body part or function. In particular, subacute care is a great way to treat and recuperate those who have suffered a stroke, developed a neurological disorder, or underwent orthopedic surgery.

Subacute care is renowned for being extremely effective in treating particular issues. Some patients will only require two or three weeks’ worth of subacute care to reverse their conditions. However, subacute care may require several months to complete. In either situation, the cost of subacute care is usually far less than full hospitalization and is regarded to be less stressful on the patient.

Treatments that may be included in a subacute care regimen include:

At King Street Rehab in Westchester County, our physical therapists are highly-trained in subacute care, understand its benefits, and can create a treatment plan that is right for you. If you think you need physical or occupational therapy and do not wish to remain in the hospital, contact us today and ask about our subacute care options.

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