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The Many Benefits of Pet & Animal Therapy


Can you recall a time when you were feeling glum or sad due to one circumstance or another, but your dog walked into the room and helped cheer you up just by being there? Did you ever have trouble sleeping but you could rest easy the moment your cat curled up with you? This unspoken yet powerful companionship between man and man’s best friends is known as the human-animal bond, and it is starting to gain a positive reputation in medical communities.

When people are at risk of depression, anxiety, fear, exhaustion, and general pain due to medical procedures or extended therapy sessions, the knowledge that a dear friend is near can help them through the difficulties. Since most people cannot dedicate ample time to staying with their loved ones during treatment, hospitals, clinics, and rehabilitation centers around the country are starting to use pet therapy as a solution.

Having a cat or dog visit patients has been found to:

  • Reduce stress
  • Ease pain without medication
  • Promote mental acuity
  • Reinvigorate patients
  • Improve emotional wellness

There is something undeniably comforting about having pet companionship during times of need. For patients that have suffered physical ailments and lost some of their motor control, playing games with a pet or walking a therapy dog can help them rebuild their strength. Many find that just having a friendly face to talk to eases their tension, even if the furry friend doesn’t understand what is being said to them.

Pet and animal therapy essentially has no downside. So long as dogs and cats are vaccinated, well-trained, and kept away from areas that require a sterile environment, they do nothing but bring good feelings to a facility. Some clinics have even adopted parakeets and other intelligent birds to help patients who are allergic to animal fur.

At King Street Rehab in Westchester County, we have long known the benefits of pet therapy and animal companionship for healing patients. Max is the pet therapy director of our team, and he is a furry, four-legged canine. We let him come say hello to each patient each day, whether they are there for long-term care or a brief stay for short-term physical therapy. Residents, families, and friends at King Street Rehab can also enjoy the company of our three pet birds. Our parrot, Cylpso, is a clear favorite and gets plenty of attention.

Schedule a tour at our facility and meet Max and the rest of our caring and compassionate team.

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