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How Mental Health Affects Physical Health


Mind over matter. We have all heard this mantra and understand that it means that our minds have more power than our physical bodies. What many people do not realize is just how true this may be, especially when it comes to maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle.

There are so many problems that originate in the mind yet resonate in our bodies. Stress, anxiety, nervousness, worry, and depression and so on are issues that exist only in our heads and are woven into our thought processes, and yet it is clear that they can manifest into physical maladies and abnormalities. People with a lot of stress in their daily lives can have dangerously high blood pressure and suffer migraines; those who constantly worry are prone to stomach aches and nausea; and anxiety can rob people of sleep as insomnia sets in, afflicting them night after night.

All of these abstract, mental complications have very real and sometimes serious physical impacts. It is for this reason that it is so important to improve your mind and emotions alongside your body as you undergo physical therapy. Favoring one strictly over the other can cause an imbalance, which further worsens the negative consequences.

Of course, the relationship between body and mind goes in two directions: if you neglect your body, it can start to harm your mind. If you are out of shape, you may begin to have lowered self-esteem that triggers depression. If you have chronic joint pain, it can reasonably weigh down on you and start to make you feel anxious or angry without any other external input. Treat your body right and your mind will be happier; treat your mind correctly and your body will thrive.

At King Street Rehab, the team at our Westchester County rehab center understand this delicate interconnection between the body and the mind. When our patients come to us for help and healing, we use a holistic approach that gently soothes the body’s ailments while simultaneously surrounding the mind with beautiful landscapes, relaxing settings, and calming environments. Here, it is possible to recover completely while basking in luxury.

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