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Caring for your Emotional Health


An accident, injury or illness can be a very stressful event, both for the patient and their loved ones. It is often met with uncertainty and fear leading to sadness, disappointment, guilt, hopelessness, helplessness, discouragement, anxiety, nervousness and a myriad of other negative thoughts and ideas about what is to come.

Most patients report that the loss of their independence elicits or increases depressive symptoms, including: poor appetite, fatigue, difficulties sleeping, difficulties concentrating, as well as, anxiety-related symptoms which includes: racing thoughts, worrying, restlessness or even panicking to name a few. Some patents have a history of depression or anxiety with symptoms that are often exacerbated by a sometimes sudden (or even planned) removal from their home environment into a hospital or rehabilitation facility. Many times the patient’s family will report experiencing stress and/or guilt themselves surrounding this unforeseen or planned event.

At King Street, our treatment also includes emotional support because our overall health encompasses our mental health. The emotional support we offer which extends not only to the patient but also to their loved ones. Our Licensed Clinical Psychologist is available for consultation, evaluation, testing, as well as, psychotherapy (individual, family and group sessions).

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